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Good morning and welcome to the blog page for this year’s Y6 trip to Paris!

Over the week we are away this page should be updated daily giving you a flavour of the trip and what the children (and staff) have been up to. Feel free to comment on the blog posts at any time, you do not need a log in, although all comments will need to be passed by our administrator (that’ll be me!). The blog will be updated by our on the spot reporter (Hugh Jabellie) and/or selected children (if they have time!)

We will also be tweeting using the school twitter handle @bljsrugby throughout the days we are there, just to let you know that everyone is safe and enjoying themselves!

We have checked the weather forecast and it would appear that we are set fair for the week! Can you please make sure that your child has sun cream and a hat (don’t mention hats to Mrs Bowler Smith!) just a precaution!

On the subject of packing, can you please also ensure that your child can carry their own bag! They are only going for a week (not a year!) and they will need to carry their bag up at least one flight of stairs to their rooms!

If you have any questions before we go please feel free to comment below and we will do our best to answer. It will be a great week and one that the children will remember forever!

See you all bright and very early (actually, possibly not so bright) on Monday morning!

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  1. Coquin says:

    Bienvenue en France. Je suis le papi français d’Angelina. Je vous souhaite un bon séjour en France. Faites de belles visites. Voici de petites histoires sur la Tour Eiffel que vous allez visiter.
    Les premiers visiteurs officiels ont été la famille royale d’Angleterre et Buffalo Bill
    Chaque année, sept millions de visiteurs montent dans la Tour Eiffel. C’est le monument le plus visité au monde.
    Chaque nuit, toutes les heures’ 20 000 ampoules éclairent la Tour Eiffel
    L’hiver quand il fait froid, la Tour Eiffel rétrécit de 4 à 8 centimètres.
    La Tour Eiffel devait être démontée après l’exposition de 1900. Les riverains avaient signé une pétition pour sa destruction. Une commission de cinq personnes a voté: deux votes pour la démolir, deux pour la conserver. C’est un militaire qui a fait la différence. Il pensait que la Tour Eiffel pour fait servir pour les transmissions.
    Bonsoir à tous et un gros câlinou à Lina Petit Cœur de la part de son papi

  2. Robert McFarlane says:

    Hopefully George is okay with no hat and sun cream, we didn’t see this blog before departure. If necessary please buy for him and we will refund you the cost on your return. Thanks!

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